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Metal Marvelous!

Instagram does many things for it's users, and one of the benefits I love about IG is that I discover many small businesses that I might never hear of without it.

Metal Marvels is a company that I discovered on IG and fell in love. MM is a female owned business that specializes in jewelry with a message. Maybe your message is to Fuck Off, Married AF or Be Brave and Keep Going. There is something for everyone in this shop, and let's get real, her products are amazing. Who doesn't want a bangle that reads, "Don't be a Cunt"?

Upon stumbling upon this shop, I discovered that the founder/owner of the shop is a woman named Katie Seller. I related with her. She is a boss. She is fun, has a unique style and understands that swear words are not all that terrible. It was nice to see a real person on social media versus the "perfect" people that are so commonly seen who make us all feel ugly and inadequate. I felt like if I knew her IRL, we would be friends. This made me want to shop in her shop even more.

Katie has a podcast called "Boss as F*ck" that I suggest listening to. She has episodes on things from starting a small business and social media tips to dating and lifestyle topics. You can listen here.

Something really cool about the shop is that the "I AM COLLECTION" has 11 different bangles that part of the proceeds are donated to different charities from the purchase. If you are not a jewelry wearing person, do not fret! There are pillows, glassware, key chains, stationary, hats and even some really fun water bottles. The shop continues to add new products on a regular basis.

I regularly buy her items as gifts for my friends. There is literally something for everyone and the quality of the items is great. Many of the items look awesome layered together, so it can be a gift you can add to over and over again.

Finally, if you sign up for the text alerts (which I recommend) you will find that there are alerts for any new items in the shop and notifications when some pretty spectacular sales are taking place. Who doesn't want to save money?

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