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The Treasures I Find…

I run on a regular basis. I told myself that I would never run unless I was being chased, but I starting off walking and ended up running. I love it. I admit though that I don’t think I love it at all when I am doing it. Some days are even torturous, so maybe it is a form of self punishment and self care for me. Either way, I have a tendency to find the craziest things on my runs.

1. The turtle

I found a turtle in the middle of the street. Is was actually moving quite quickly for a turtle, but don’t worry! I made sure that turtle crossed the street safely by standing in the middle of the street until it crossed.

2. The snake. (There is no photo since I demolished it…)

I found a snake. Well, it snuck up on me, and when I saw it I jumped, shrieked and ran a lot faster. My Apple Watch told me that my heart rate jumped at the sight of this serpent. I might have reacted differently, but this snake was right across the street from my house, so when I got home and saw that the snake was still there, I got in my car and drove over the snake. Then I backed over the snake. Then I drove over the snake. Back and forth…

3. The coke dollar (when you know you know.)

Listen, we all know that I am a recovering addict, and most of you probably know that I had a love for cocaine. I know all the different ways to transport your coke, and one of those is the folded dollar bill method. You carefully fold a dollar bill so that it makes this perfect little pocket that is sealed to keep your coke in. Well I found a dollar bill that looked just like this, and upon opening it there was a powdery residue. Yep a coke dollar.

4. Used condoms.

I have found the place to get it on along my running route. It is on a heavily trafficked public street outside of an apartment complex. I continue to see used condoms in the same spot, and yes I know they are different because these folks are fancy and use different colors!

5. The second coke dollar

Just kidding. I thought I found another one, but it was the one I had in my pack that fell out.

6. Drunk driver crime scenes

I assume the driver was drunk because there is literally no way that some of these accidents could happen otherwise. The tree that is 7 feet off the road that is split in half with a quarter of the car’s parts scattered. The light pole that is knocked down. The house that had a car drive through the living room.

I am sure that this list will grow, but maybe I need to try a different route especially if the drivers are hitting things like houses and light poles while having protected sex on coke. I do see beautiful things as well, but those are not nearly as much fun to write about.

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