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My Favorite Things Monday - oVertone Haircare

You have all seen the ladies out there with the really cool hair. Maybe they have rose gold, silver or some super dope shade of teal. You love their hair so much that you have gone to the hair stylist and paid a shit ton to get your hair done in your favorite cotton candy shade, and you loved it. You instagramed it wearing your favorite shirt, while you were driving, top down, to the beach and as you "woke up like this." Everyone complimented you on how pretty, fun and fetch your hair was. That was until you washed your hair...

After about two shampoos, you just look like you have blondish highlights. What happened to your beautiful unicorn hair? You looked like a mermaid and now you are looking like tumbleweed sprouted from your scalp. You

could spend more money and go back to the hairstylist (who has that kind of money or time?!) or you could sit at home with different hair dyes, staining your sink, walls, floors with mediocre attempts at your fading fabulousity. Maybe you have committed to taking cold showers so that your hair doesn't fade as quickly? No ladies. Those days are over!

Introducing oVertone Haircare!! This is a color depositing

conditioner that is seriously a game changer for all you beautiful unicorns out there. You can get a diverse array of colors and three different intensity levels, but you can

also have custom colors put together which just makes this company even better! This is not a hair dye, so it does not dry out your hair, but depending on the color that you are using, please use gloves. I use extreme blue, and the first time I used it without gloves, it looked like I tried to strangle a member of the Blue Man Group.* My hair has been the perfect blue shade for months because of oVertone, and I am a true fan of this brand.

Not only is the product amazing, but the company is also. The product itself is vegan and PETA certified cruelty-free. It is also paraben, sulfate, peroxide and ammonia free. Any printed materials are printed with soy based inks on recycled paper. Did I also mention that the makers to this business are two rad chicks, Maegan and Liora, who needed a way to keep their vibrant locks on point.

If you are not already sold, here are some last minute crumbs of knowledge. If you do not have hair that these conditioners would work for, then there a new product, The Remedy, which is colorless and works on any hair

color. If you are a constant colorista and feel like you might as well invest stock in this company after reading this blog today knowing you are going to be buying this in bulk, then you can join their color club where you earn points for writing reviews, sharing on social media and even just for signing up. Points = oVertone money! You can also subscribe to your favorite products and get them automatically mailed to you on a monthly basis, and finally one last thing that I think it pretty important to add is that you do not have to have bleached hair to use these products. You can use them on natural hair (brunettes can apply too!) and get fun results. Obviously if you have bleached hair, the results are much more intense, but look through the videos and photos on the site. You can get kits for brunette hair such as rose gold for brunettes.

There is something for everyone at oVertone. No more cold showers. No harm to innocent animals. No harm to your hair, and you support two awesome babes in their business. Refer a friend and you both will get $10 off!

*No members of the Blue Man Group were injured in the making of this blog.

Follow this amazing company on IG @overtonecolor

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