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Ten of My Favorite Cruelty Free Beauty Products

If you are an animal lover like

me, you do not want to get

your beauty products at the expense of a bunny, beagle or any other defenseless creature. It is 2018, and if cosmetic companies cannot make their products ethically, then they are just plain lazy or greedy. (They cannot sell their products in certain countries, aka China, if they do not test their products on animals.) In the past, I have had to sacrifice a certain quality to ensure that my products were cruelty free, but this is no longer that case! With so many companies jumping on the cruelty free wagon, now you can get the best quality and save those cute animals.

In no particular order...

Tea Tree Face Wash from The Body Shop

Let me preface that every product within the fragrant walls of The Body Shop is cruelty free. They decided as a company to not only be cruelty free but their products are also 100% vegetarian. I love their entire tea tree facial line, but I could not live without the face wash. Click the link below to buy your face wash today! The Body Shop usually has really great deals such as Buy 3 Get 2 Free.

Shape Tape Concealer by Tarte

Tarte is a cosmetic company you can find at Sephora, Macys, Ulta and other retailers, but the actual Shape Tape concealer is exclusive to Ulta, and if they are smart they will not give this up. This is by far the best concealer I have ever used in my life, and this is coming from a girl who grew up before ProActive was so easily accessible. The coverage is impeccable, but the concealer does not leave you feeling like a cakey mess.

Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub by IGK

I use the majority of the IGK hair line, but the scalp scrub is the greatest! It leaves your scalp feeling fresh and tingly, but in a good way! I can get some pretty terrible product build up and this product has been a life saver, literally since they don’t hurt any animals to make their super dope products. Plus, this brand is also vegan and sulfate/paraffin free.

Dry Shampoo Plus with a hint of colour by Batiste

This product is not only cruelty free, but really affordable. You can find it at Target, Walmart and Ulta. One of the reasons this is one of my top ten products is because not only does it serve it’s purpose as a dry shampoo, but it does not leave your hair feeling gunky (is that a word?) and it comes in versions that are colored so that you do not have to give your beautiful brunette or black locks an ashy appearance from your typical “white” dry shampoos.

Color Depositing Deep Conditioner by Overtone

If you are the kind of gal that likes to liven up your hair with some pops of color or maybe your entire head is pink, then you probably already have Overtone in your shower, but if you are unfortunate enough to not know about this brand yet, then I am going to be your unicorn hair’s magician. Not only does this product come in every color (rose gold, teal, silver and my favorite extreme blue) but they are vegan and cruelty free! You can also use this product not only to keep up the color you spent bucco bucks on at the salon, but you can use it alone on your stale strands to add some color to your look.

Elbow Grease by Lush*

Lush is another one of those stores that you can count on everything inside being cruelty free and ethically sourced. I love their elbow grease product because it keeps my skin moisturized through the toughest of times. Whether I have been traveling a ton or it is really dry and cold out, Elbow Grease keeps even my knuckles and elbows (Ha!) soft and smooth. It also makes my tattoos pop which is a dope added feature for any of you ladies with sleeves.

Blotting Powder by Kat Von D

I could actually fill a list of more than ten products that I love from Kat’s cosmetic line, but if I had to pick a product I use the most and could not live without, it would be the blotting powder. Now, I am what some would call a Sweaty Betty. I am sure you have all seen the shirts, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” Well, I sweat and therefore my face can be super shiny and not the kind of shiny we aim for with highlighter. Kat Von D’s blotting powder works every time, and I have put it though some hard times. I will also add that I am a psycho fan girl of her lipsticks and powder foundation as well.

Baby Facial by Drunk Elephant

As I may have mentioned, I had terrible skin growing up, so now I am tasked with ridding my skin of some scars that those pesky pimples left. I am an avid user of microderm and IPL, but I only get that done once a month, so in between sessions I use this product and have not been disappointed with the results. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky. All of the Drunk Elephant products free of the "Suspicious Six" which encompasses essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS. Their products are also made in the US, and they sell a sample set called "The Littles" that allows you to try out a variety of their products before committing to a large size bottle.

Pearly Girl by Tarte

This vegan and cruelty free teeth whitener has been a great addition to my collection of products. We all want that platinum smile, but I have always been a bit scared of some of the bleaching products because of how sensitive they made my teeth. All you do is brush your teeth and then brush on this gel. It doesn’t even taste that bad and has never burned on my gums or discolored my gums. I will say the results are not as extreme as other brands, but if you use it consistently, you will love the results.

Nail Polish by China Glaze OR Wet N Wild

Believe it or not, you can get some of the best cruelty free nail polishes at your local drug store. You do not need to spend $15 a bottle for this luxury. China Glaze and Wet N Wild are both cruelty free and come in tons of colors! I will throw a shout out to Marc Jacobs Beauty though, as they have some really beautiful nail lacquers that are also cruelty free. Below is a link to one of my favorite colors of China Glaze, Eternal Optimist.

Long story short, you do not have to sacrifice some cutie animal so that you can look beautiful. Cruelty free cosmetics have become more accessible, of a higher quality and truly the ethical choice. Feel free to post some of your favorite cruelty free products below in the comments!

*See all the ways that Lush is still fighting animal testing by clicking below.

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