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Who? What? Why?

Welcome to the Tattooed Mom Boss Blog! My name is Jean, and I am a tattooed mom boss. Let's break this down. Why do I consider myself a tattooed mom boss? Well, it is simple. I am pretty heavily tattooed. I am not the most tattooed person you have ever seen, I am not a tattoo snob and I am no expert on tattoos, but I have a decent amount of them. Next, I am a mom; new mom to be exact. I have a 9 month old son, Vincent who is the coolest little guy I have ever met, but I might be biased... Finally, I am a boss, literally. I am a Division Manager for a marketing company, so I am technically "the boss" to quite a few lucky people across the US.

Now, I might also be a boss in the slang definition of being basically a bad ass. This is usually something that most people tell me, but I have my doubts about at times. I am a forward, no bull shit, assertive human. I do not like to sugar coat things, I do not like to beat around the bush, and I believe that this can be a hard role to play as a woman. I work full time, have an infant, run a few side hustles, have my two fur babies and my rugged goofball of a husband, Larry. I run our house, am in charge of the finances, and am now pursuing this adventure, so my passion, drive and motivation may also make me a boss.

Why have I decided to start up this lifestyle brand? Well, I think that I have

a lot of really great ideas, tips, tricks and stories to share. As a new mother, I really discovered online blogs, YouTube videos and other online resources that helped me figure out things one does not always know as a new mother, so I realized there were many bad ass ladies out there that probably need advice on other topics too. Or maybe just some laughs at my crazy life...

Some of the topics I am going to address as your Tattooed Mom Boss are product reviews, fashion/beauty, art, travel, motherhood, women in management/business, diy, upcycling/recycling, green/eco/cruelty-free and

much more.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog. Follow me on all of the social media, subscribe to my YouTube channel and take a look around the website!

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