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Guide to Being a Great Gifter!

Chapter One: The Housewarming Party

I absolutely adore buying gifts for others whether that is birthday, wedding, baby shower, housewarming etc. I also hate to purchase items for people off of a list. Now understandably registries have their purpose so the recipients do not get multiples of certain items and that they get items that they actually need versus another wine bottle opener. I always prefer to go for a really unique gift that will bring happiness to the recipient though and something personal for an added touch. With all this being said, since there are many events in which a gift is needed, I am going to break this down into different chapters. This chapter will focus on the housewarming present.

There are the obvious gifts such as liquor, wine or some specialty food item, but I really feel that those are great dinner party gifts versus house warming. Then there is the option of buying a plant for your friend’s new digs, but depending on the friend you may not want to put the plant through that misery. I am going to break down some housewarming gifts based off of a few categories: the hostess, the I barely know you co-worker, the bachelor pad and the couple with a kid.

The Hostess:

Please remember that the hostess already has plenty of coasters, wine bottle openers, and candles. She is the hostess friend! You need to find the really unique items for her. Personalization with a monogram is always a great touch also.

This really cool Citrus Ice Cube Infuser Set is unique and useful to a hostess with the mostest. Just use the set to squeeze the juice out of a citrus fruit into the cute wedge shaped ice cube tray and freeze! Now you can have lemon water without the seeds or that rind!

Another really cool idea for the gal that likes to entertain are wine pearls. Of course, she already has a million accessories for wine drinking, but you can never have too many of these little chillers. Instead of bringing out an ice bucket or putting ice into your wine and watering it down, you can pop some of these wine pearls into your glass and chill out.

I barely know you co-worker:

Sometimes you get invited to things through work, and of course you want to go so that you don’t look like a mean girl, but it can be really difficult to decide what to bring as a gift for someone that you do not know well outside of the cubicle, but you also don’t want to bring the 10th bottle of wine, so here are some ideas for that person you do not know very well, but see on a daily basis.

This fun gadget could work for anyone being that you are either the type of person who HATES when you squeeze from the middle of the tube of toothpaste or you are really good about using your tube to the last drop. Both people can use this tube wringer, plus it will give them a good laugh.

I really like these bottle stopper garden kits. Not only are they easy to use, a plant and they can incorporate one of those million wine bottles they got from their other guests.

The bachelor pad:

We all know this guy. He is throwing a party at his new pad, but really this is just another excuse to get really drunk and meet some new ladies. He may value a beer pong table over a dining room table, but below are some fun ideas of what you can get him without compromising your taste.

What bachelor doesn’t need a personalized whiskey barrel. No need to say anything else.

or a map of the US made with beer caps…

The couple with a kid:

Prior to having a child, I never knew what to get anyone with a kid unless I had a registry. Not all parents want ABCs and primary colors in their house just because they have a child, so here are some gifts that will be kid friendly but adult approved.

This memory vase will probably make your friends cry because of how sentimental you are. I also recommend that they put it up somewhere high so the little one doesn’t break it!

Everyone loves to dine at those restaurants that let you draw on the tablecloth with crayons. This is a version your friends can use in their house. Use this chalkboard table runner to label foods set out for a party or for a little one to draw on when dinner is taking longer than expected.

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