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Travels for Work- The Do’s!

As a boss, sometimes this means that your career is going to require you to travel. Traveling for work can be really sterile and stressful, so I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to make your traveling time more comfortable and enjoyable.

Since you are a boss, I do not need to tell you about travel applications, membership/loyalty programs or how to pack a week’s worth of great clothes and shoes in a carry on suitcase (check out my packing blog though if you need tips,) but I do have some tips about little changes I implemented that made my travels less lonely and more productive!

Pack your pleasures for that at home feel-

  • Small fan for sleeping

  • Travel size candle

  • Face mist

  • Water bottle

  • Shawl

  • Slippers

  • Bath bombs

  • Portable speaker

Plan your meals to eat well and spend less-

  • Download food delivery apps

  • Make sure your hotel room has a refrigerator

  • Go grocery shopping for healthy food

  • Drink tons of water!

  • Avoid eating fast food or from the hotel

Remember you did not clean it-

  • Check the bedbug registry prior to booking

  • Check the bed for bedbugs upon arrival

  • Do not drink out of any glassware in the room

  • Wipe down the remote with antibacterial wipes

  • Wipe down most surfaces with antibacterial wipes

Make yourself at home-

  • Unpack all of your clothes

  • Hang up appropriate clothes and put the rest in drawers

  • Unpack your cosmetics and place shower items in the bathtub

  • Locate your safe- place valuables inside

  • Find outlets and plug in your chargers

  • Set the temperature for your comfort

  • Check closet for additional pillows and blankets

  • Open curtains for sunlight

These simple and easy steps will make your travel feel much more natural and motivating. You will not be digging through your suitcase to find things, you will know your space is clean and you will have some of those comfort items that make your house feel like a home. When you have set up your travel this way, you will be much more productive as you will be able to focus on your work versus dealing with living in a foreign environment for the week.

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