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Travel with your Baby

You have done it! You are not only a boss, but you are now a mom boss, and nothing can hold you down! You will do everything that you did before without fail, including travel! This is the exact thought process that I had shortly after having my son Vincent. I learned some really great tricks and tips through my own mistakes, so I am here to save the day and prevent you from working harder than you need to.

Planning the Trip

  • Book a hotel that has a roll away crib

  • Find out if the hotel has any large scale events going on to prevent late night loud noises that could wake up your sleeping beauty

  • If your child is under 2 years old, they can fly on your lap for the price of one ticket

  • If you have the money, I suggest buying your child their own seat

  • You will need a car seat with you for this option.

  • Book a child seat with your rental car so you do not have to bring your own

Packing like a Pro

  • Portable sound machine

  • Toy and Bottle straps/tethers

  • Crib sheet (pack and play sheets for hotel)

  • Fully stocked diaper bag (see my Diaper Bag Doo Doo’s for what items you must have)

  • Portable highchair (I personally love the mountain buggy, but there are many great options.)

The Airport

  • Give yourself about 30 more minutes than usual

  • Check in at counter with the baby’s birth certificate

  • Wear shoes that easily slip on and off

  • Do not wear a coat, scarf, belt, etc.

  • Give your baby Tylenol 30 minutes prior to take off

  • Ask a coffee shop for warm water for a bottle (even if it is too hot right away, it will be cooled down by the time you need it.)

  • Take your stroller to the ticket counter at your gate to get a checked item tag

  • Board during the time for family boarding unless you have priority seating that is sooner

The Rental Car Company

  • As previously mentioned, ensure you add a car seat to your rental unless you bring you own

  • All companies I have used have the latch system on all of their seats, so as long as you know how to use those, you are golden

  • It should go without saying, but ensure you use the correct seat for the age of your child

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