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Passion for Poshmark

Hello friends!

As you all know by now, I am a true lover of Poshmark. I am so passionate about this company because it is a great way to make some extra cash, but it is also a great way to strive for a more sustainable lifestyle, to afford luxury designer brands that you may not normally have access to, and meet a community of like-minded people. That being said, I have my top ten tips on how to resell clothing items on Poshmark.


Compare prices and do not allow your nostalgia to interfere with a fair price. Try to find the exact item you are selling on Poshmark already and see what people are selling it for, and it is even better if you can find the exact item you want to sell under “sold” items. Just because you paid an entire paycheck for those shoes 5 years ago, does not mean the item has maintained its value. I know it can be hard, but you make no money at all if the item just sits in your closet.


Do not use a filter, but definitely use the brightness option on your IPhone camera. Take a picture of the tag, any special details on the item and if there are any flaws. Ensure that you get front and back of the items and if you can, get the part of the tag with the materials used to make the item. Try to take a photo against a white wall or on the floor (called a flat lay.) If you have a body form, that is even better. A selfie is totally authentic, but not all of us want to post a million pictures of ourselves on Poshmark. Finally, you can use stock photos you find online, but ensure that you also have photos of your actual item.


Speaking of flaws. Make sure that you call out any flaws on the item.

Just because there is a flaw does not mean that it will not sell, but if you are not honest about it then the buyer has full rights to ask for a refund on the item. If you discover that an item has a flaw after someone has purchased it, let your buyer know prior to shipping and ask if they want to cancel their sale.


We all know that different brands fit differently. Remember that Poshmark does not do returns and your customers want to ensure that the clothing it going to fit. Save yourself the time of having to go measure these items later because you will get asked for these measurements. For pants, I measure across the waist and the inseam. For shirts I measure armpit to armpit and armpit to bottom hem. For dresses, armpit to bottom hem is important as well as armpit to armpit. Depending on the dress, you may want a waist measurement as well. Skirts should always include the length and do not forget the accessories. Purses, belts and even necklaces should all provide measurements.


Package your item nicely. Don’t just throw it in a box. Use tissue paper, write a thank you note, whatever you think is nice. Think about what you want that person to feel like when they open the package. Also, make sure that the item is clean, smells nice and check pockets!


Make sure that you do not ship an item that is heavier than the 5lb with the default shipping label. If your item weighs more than the 5lb limit, then you need to update your shipping label for a heavier amount, so consider this in your pricing.


I think it is nice to send your buyer a message letting them know the package has been shipped out. I also like to thank them for their purchase. Many times having good communication with a buyer will contribute to them shopping your closet again. Make it a point to answer any and all questions within a reasonable amount of time.


Poshmark has the option for you to share your closet, but even more important is to share other people’s items. This will create a give and take environment. The more others share your items, the wider the bandwidth of buyers who get eyes on your items. Sharing your closet is still something that you should do. I recommend sharing any items that fit the daily parties, but also sharing your entire closet at least once a day to your followers.


Do not make this a huge focus, but when you do follow people, make sure that they are active on the app. Many new Poshmarkers do not have many followers, so they have a smaller network to share your items to. I recommend finding Poshmark sellers who have a ton of followers and following them. Try to follow people everyday.


You need to keep up with what brands are not only popular, high priced, but selling well on Poshmark. I used to think that this was brands that were featured in the parties most often, but I do not think this is the case. My advice is to do your research. Watch YouTube videos of other Poshmark sellers. I also online window shop frequently on Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Rue La La, Gilt, Revolt and other shops with higher end clothing. I also recommend knowing how to spot current tags of brands versus older tags and how to spot a fake item. Just because an item is expensive does not mean that it will sell well. A good practice is to see how many items are sold compared to the amount listed. More listed than sold usually means that it is not a quick sell due to the amount of competition.

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