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Tattooed Mom Boss Saves the Planet - Chapter Three: Reduce

In the first chapter of Tattooed Mom Boss Saves the Planet, we discussed recycling, and in Chapter Two we discussed how not to litter. Both of these methods are dope but... If we can actually reduce our waste, then we do not even have to recycle those items or clean up the litter because it wouldn't be there.

There is a reason that reduce is the first in a series of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. That is because reduction automatically eliminates a waste stream versus trying to fix a waste stream.

Know This:

1. Food waste does not just biodegrade in the landfill. It doesn't actual decompose properly so it turns into methane which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

2. Fresh water is going to run out if we do not change our ways. The smart thing would be to not poison this water.

3. Fossil fuels are basically non-renewable resources. Meaning they cannot be produced over night, unless over night is equal to millions of years.

4. Wet paper towels cannot be recycled. I bet you did not know that.

5. Most cleaning products come in containers that need to be recycled and have a toxic runoff that enters our water supply which remember, it limited.

6. As far as I know, wind and sun rays are free and renewable. The ocean, is also free for hydroelectricity.

Do these things to make the planet a better place.


  • Bring reusable totes shopping

  • Use a water bottle versus buying bottled water

  • Make your own soda with Soda Stream

  • Buy your beer on tap and put it in a growler

  • Use a cup from home for your coffee

  • Nix paper towels and use rags or microfiber towels

  • Dine with actual plates and flatware

  • Remember the "fancy" napkins? They are not fancy they are just fabric!

  • Pack your lunch with reusable containers versus sandwich bags

  • Go to the library or download your books to an e-reader


  • DIY household cleaners

  • Start a ride share program at your place of employment

  • Build a compost at home to reduce your food waste

  • Install low flow sink or faucet aerators

  • Switch to LED light bulbs (They are not cheap so if needed do it in phases)

  • Sign up at Direct Marketing Association and reduce the amount of junk mail you receive at home

  • Make your own baby food

Bad Ass Boss

  • Purchase an electric vehicle

  • Install solar panels in your home

  • Get your home professionally air sealed

  • Set up a rain catchment system

  • Two words. Cloth diapers. Ugh that is a tough one!

  • Become a Jane of all Trades and learn to repair items so that you throw away less

  • Diva Cup!! I could go on for days about how great these are.

  • Use the Kill-a-Watt energy monitor to discover items that have a vampire draw on your electricity. Depending on the item you can plug it into a power strip and turn it off when not in use to cut your wattage usage in half!

These are just some of the ways we can reduce. While we love to focus on reducing our waist size and our stress, let's not forget to reduce our waste also! If you have some other methods you want to share, please comment below and share your boss reducing ways.

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